Saturday, 29 September 2012

Wholesale Maryland - Best Prices on General Merchandise Items

Wholesale Maryland, is one of the Top Wholesale Retailers in Maryland and is a leading provider of general merchandise serving various retails and convenient stores across Washington Metropolitan Area:

Spread across a vast facility, this warehouse is situated at 11316 Old Baltimore Pike, Beltsville, MD. 20705, and offers best and unbeatable prices with unmatched service, convenience, quality and selections.

The Wholesale Maryland store is a one-stop business that meets the day-to-day needs of wholesale products including baby products, wholesale paper bags, wholesale plastic bags, wholesale cashier rolls, bath supplies, batteries, wholesale beer rings, clothing including T-Shirts, gift novelties, health and beauty products, health supplements, lighters, medicines, perfumes and colognes and much more.

The store has stocked over thousand items, including a wide range of paper and plastic bags used across grocery  liquor and convenient stores. Other wholesale products include apparel, office supplies, electronic goods, and a HUGE selection of general merchandise items. Several products available have been locally sourced from Maryland and surrounding areas.

A spokesperson of Wholesale Maryland said to us, "We have delighted, serving  to our customers at  Best wholesale Price in modern store in Baltimore, a thriving industrial center in Maryland. With this store, we have further strengthened our foothold in Washington DC and Maryland Area. The Best Price Modern Wholesale store is helping people save money and live better by providing its members the benefit of low prices, convenience, wide assortment, good quality and hygienic products, all under one roof. We are optimistic that the opening of this store added value to the economy of the city by serving the needs of local business communities and institutions."