Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The paper bag has proven to be a wonderful invention that has lasted for many years and still retains much of its original charm and appeal. If you are looking for a cost effective way to package and sell your products, then wholesale paper bags are what you need.

There are two types, single wall and multi wall. Single wall bags have one layer of paper; these are the standard bags that you see in the store. Multi wall bags have many layers of paper to make them stronger, these bags are often used for transporting concrete, seeds, fertilizer, chemicals and flour. Paper bags can be used for a great many things which includes storage, gifting or even for doing your weekly shop.

Wholesale paper bags are made from paper which is measured in terms of its thickness. To make paper, a manufacturing or chemical process takes place in order to break up tree pulp or sand wood which is then squashed to remove any water. As the substance dries, rough sheets of paper are created. They can even be reinforced with polystyrene foil or coated paper to make them more waterproof so that they can be used to accommodate wetter products.

There are almost unlimited ways of using paper bags, and one of them is for shopping. Even in shops, there is heavy reliance on paper shopping bags for customers to carry their items after purchase.

Paper pulp is the main ingredient in producing paper bags. As they are cheap and easily available, they grew increasingly popular with shops and companies that relied on carrier bags for various needs.

It was once claimed that paper bags were not friendly to the environment, but till now, they are still widely used. While it is no longer true of the former, paper bags for shopping businesses are still the best practical solution. Having them produced in bulk is incredibly cheap, thus lowering business costs by considerable levels.

With paper now easily recyclable, shopping bags made from such material is better accepted. To reduce the rate at which forests are sacrificed paper bags can be reused and brought for recycling when torn or unwanted.

The re usability factor has also contributed to the advertising potential of paper shopping bags. It increases the visibility of the advertiser and provides great economies of scale for the business relative to the costs in that area.

As mentioned, paper bags can be reused time and again. This is partly due to the lightness of such carriers. Shopping bags can be reused for subsequent trips to the supermarket, or for other daily purposes, and do not add to the load one might be carrying each time.

Perhaps the most compelling reason for environmentalists to have greater acceptance for paper bags is their biodegradability. Unlike plastic bags, paper carriers do not harm the environment when they break down or decompose.

The three advantages of paper shopping bags are their low cost in bulk production, environmentally friendliness and having uses beyond their initial intention. These have contributed to their ever present use for shops and businesses, and ensure their longevity at the same time.

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